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The event series FORUM PER IL FUTURO (FORUM FOR THE FUTURE) sees itself as a marketplace for innovative, creative ideas and initiatives for the ecological and social shaping of the future of our society and our planet.

Let´s make the world a better place

Alexander van der Bellen does it, Maria Furtwängler and Hermann Maier do it, Prince Charles, Jane Goodall and James Cameron do it too. They all proactively support the implementation of climate goals and were some of the very well-known speakers…


Commerce, science, society, art… ‘Transpackaging’ analyses and questions many topics.

You consume, you decide

The International Forum of Cultures is an event organised under the patronage of UNIDO, which aims to open up the dialogue between cultures and spark global talks about sustainability…

Dissolution included

Students from the Institute of Contemporary Art at Graz University of Technology have interspersed the long-established, permanent works in the Austrian Sculpture Park with new, self-decomposing temporary works composed of transient flowers.

Kolektio Sakoj

The exhibition KOLEKTIO SAKOJ by the artist Karmen Janĉar, who lives in the border town of Gornja Radgona (Bad Radkersburg), is first and foremost a display of her extensive plastic bag collection. The artist began her collection as a young girl back in the 1970s, when she lived in former Yugoslavia, on the border between Slovenia and Austria.