Coop reusable snack bag

The ecological reusable bag for a healthy snack!

Convenience made from wood
Since May the Swiss retailer Coop is offering a reusable snack bag made from wood. After the introduction of the “Multibag” in 2017 for buying loose fruit and vegetables, which is still very popular, Coop is expanding its repertoire of beechwood-based reusable bags from VPZ Verpackungszentrum to include a pretty, reusable snack bag.

It is not only the better option compared to a plastic bag, but also stands out from other natural fibers in terms of ecological production. Wood from the thinning of self-regenerating, FSC®-certified primary forests in Central Europe serves as raw material and neither uses up farm land, pesticides nor valuable water resources. The Modal fibers are manufactured by the Austrian Lenzing AG in a CO2-neutral process according to the highest environmental standards. The bag is tear-resistant, washable, reusable several times and compostable at the end of its life cycle. A wooden bead, also made of FSC®-certified beech wood, which is turned in a craft workshop, keeps the snack compactly together and works as a smart way for opening and closing the bag. Sustainability in action in the small, pleasant things of everyday life!