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Packnatur meets Design

We always think nature is great. That’s why we are constantly developing innovative products with its support. Just like our Packnatur® Pick Pack reusable pouches in different versions, from fully woven to a transparent mesh look or our Packnatur® Pop-up bags in various designs.


Packnatur® meets Design

We always think nature is great. That’s why we are constantly developing innovative products with its support. Just like our Packnatur® Pick Pack reusable pouches in different versions, from fully woven to a transparent mesh look or our Packnatur® Pop-up bags in various designs.

Production Expansion in Neudau, Austria

The full expansion of the Neudau plant for the production of wood-based net packaging was achieved with the commissioning of the fourth production hall in January 2024. Packnatur® Cellulose Tube Netting is a compostable alternative to plastic that can be used 1:1 on existing packaging machines.

"Design Everyday"

Interview by Sabine Dreher with our designer Bettina Reichl on the occasion of Vienna Design Week 2023

Wood-based Packnatur® nets from Austria on course for success in the US

Packnatur® Partner Jac Vandenberg wins US Plastics Pact Sustainable Packaging Innovation Award 2023 with beechwood fibre-based netting for bagged fresh produce from the thinning of FSC® or PEFC certified forests.

Packnatur® Neudau is expanding

Our machine park at the Packnatur® factory in Neudau is growing and has been expanded to include our latest test machines. Product diversifications are being developed there that will enable even more customers from a wide range of business fields to package their products ecologically in cellulose netting.

The ecological reusable bag for a healthy snack!

Since May the Swiss retailer Coop is offering a reusable snack bag made from wood. After the introduction of the “Multibag” in 2017 for buying loose fruit and vegetables, which is still very popular, Coop is expanding its repertoire of beechwood-based reusable bags from VPZ Verpackungszentrum to include a pretty, reusable snack bag.

Food packaged in nature

Natura Alimentos is our new partner in Mexico and distributes fresh produce to the three biggest supermarket chains in Mexico and to one in the United States.

Out of Garbage

Millions of tons of plastic wind up in the sea each year and cannot be recycled in the usual way. Enormous rubbish patches have appeared in the oceans all over the world. “Out of Garbage” focuses on utilising ocean plastic for fanciful fashion purposes, thereby bringing a subject to the catwalk that makes us conscious of the fact that every individual can contribute with his or her lifestyle, habits and attitudes to combat the insanity of our throw-away culture. Out of plastic and back to nature.

10 years of Packnatur® beechwood netting
at Ja! Natürlich

Exactly 10 years ago the first Packnatur® net packaging made by VPZ VERPACKUNGSZENTRUM from LENZING™ Modal Color beechwood fibres for potatoes, onions, beetroot and black radish for the Ja! Natürlich brand of the REWE Group in Austria entered their stores. Customers for organic produce were enthusiastic and REWE Group generated several hundred likes on social media within a few hours of the market launch. A successful model for green packaging was born.

Innovation Prize Styria 2022: Packnatur Entwicklungs- und Produktions GmbH from Neudau has been awarded the Prize for Sustainability.

Marley Spoon delivers recipes and fresh ingredients in their mealkit to people’s homes. Along for the ride: our Packnatur® Pick Pack.

Good news for all the home chefs out there! Marley Spoon is partnering up with Packnatur to supply their customers in Dutch and German-speaking countries with a sustainable option to keep their fresh ingredients from their mealkits in order. The Packnatur® Pick Pack net bag made from food-safe and FSC® certified LENZING™ Modal Color fiber is going to be included in some Marley Spoon meal kits customers will receive this year.

Seaweed Bath Bag: Atlantic Irish Seaweed naturally packs seaweed in Packnatur®

Have you ever heard of a seaweed bath bag? Our customer Atlantic Irish Seaweed is another example for the versatility of our Packnatur® Cellulose Tube Netting. Seaweed baths are said to have multiple benefits for skin and general well-being. Thanks to our netting the bag can be disposed of as a whole after the bath in your home compost. Additionally, seaweed makes also an excellent fertilizer. A sustainable product with the perfect life cycle!

Ocean Harvest Bag™ powered by Packnatur®

Ocean Farm Supply in Brunswick / US is the exclusive distributor of the Ocean Harvest Bag™ specifically designed for the harvest and distribution of shellfish, eliminating the need for single-use plastic mesh bags. The concept for Ocean Harvest Bags™ was created and realized in cooperation with VPZ Packnatur®. A particularly tear-resistant net had to be developed for the hard and sharp-edged shellfish.

We are HIPEd!

Because of its high level of professional competence and excellent service quality VPZ was honored with the High Performance Award 2021, Europe’s most sought after award for the service industry.

BRINGiT brings it

“You don’t need to become an eco-warrior overnight.Take it one product at a time, and work your way up,” says Deb Singer, the leader of the plastic bag ban at Whole Foods and co-founder of BRINGiT reusable shopping bags. “Starting with one thing makes it more palatable to make other changes.”

Handelsmerkur 2021 for VPZ

VPZ was chosen as the winner in the category “over 10 employees” by the specialist jury for its focus on ecological and innovative packaging developments.

Barbara Lindmayr, Kumulierungen (Cumulations)

The artist Barbara Lindmayr paints pictures into rooms with our Packnatur® fruit and vegetable nets.

Eco-Turnaround on the Spanish Packaging Market

Over the course of last year Spain became one of our main export countries. One of the reasons for this is the fact that Spain wants to take up a leading role in reducing plastic packaging in general. Our Spanish partner for our Packnatur® Cellulose Tube Netting, TECNY MEDIA TRADING S.L. in Murcia, reports on the current situation.

Nicole Pruckermayr – eco-social art with netting

In her current independent projects “Hier könnte ein Baum stehen” (“There could be a tree here”) and “Gina liebt” (“Gina loves”) Nicole Pruckermayr uses our beechwood-based Packnatur® Cellulose Tube Netting to create compostable structures and connect people.


The event series FORUM PER IL FUTURO (FORUM FOR THE FUTURE) sees itself as a marketplace for innovative, creative ideas and initiatives for the ecological and social shaping of the future of our society and our planet.

Success. Entirely without plastic.
Packaging pioneer Susanne Meininger receives the Austrian Female Entrepreneurship Award 2022

This year, the Austrian Female Entrepreneurs AWARD, a joint award presented by “Women in Business” and the daily national newspaper “Die Presse”, took place for the eighth time. Outstanding female entrepreneurs who convinced the jury for their courage, innovative energy, creativity and their own special entrepreneurial success story were awarded in five categories.

Tierra Tica - Costa Rica ticks green

This little Central American country has been a role model for ecological energy sourcing and eco-tourism. With the help of Tierra Tica, our local distribution partner, it is further developing the transition to sustainable packaging and a circular economy. Pablo Carter managed to bring our Packnatur® cellulose net tubes to Costa Rica.

Hay in sight

The manufactury „Heuwiesl“ in Seewalchen am Attersee at the foothills of the Alps packs their bundles of hay and straw in our Packnatur® Cellulose Tube Netting. And that’s simply a feast for the eyes.

Hello Hellagro!

Since 2020 Hellagro is distribution partner of VPZ´s Packnatur® Netting for Greece and Cyprus. We asked Nassos Valakas, Strategic Sourcing and Supply Chain Manager of Hellagro, about his first experiences with our biodegradable net products in the market.

Our beechwood-based shopping bag - Packnatur® Pop-up Bag - has been nominated for the Green Packaging Star Award 2021
Our beechwood-based shopping bag - Packnatur® Pop-up Bag - has been nominated for the Green Packaging Star Award 2021
Packnatur® meets Big Apple

Jac. Vandenberg, Inc. introduces VPZ´s wood-based netting to the USA.