Hello Hellagro

Hello Hellagro!

The Greek enterprise HELLAGRO S.A. is actively engaged in the market of industrial packaging, food packaging and agricultural applications, offering safe, innovative and cost-effective solutions.

The company was founded in 2001 and has steadily ascended to a dominant position in the Greek market. Main offices in Athens and Thessaloniki, and three Logistics Centers in Aspropyrgos, Thessaloniki and Drama ensure the optimum service of its customers. Hellagro is constantly expands its market share. In 2011, the company was recognized by ICAP as one of the most dynamic companies in Greece and in 2019 Hellagro was honored with the Packaging Innovation Award. Hellagro strategically cooperates with acknowledged international companies while its commercial activities extend to the Balkans, as well as Cyprus and the Middle East. Since 2020 Hellagro is distribution partner of VPZ´s Packnatur® Netting for Greece and Cyprus. We asked Nassos Valakas, Strategic Sourcing and Supply Chain Manager of Hellagro, about his first experiences with our biodegradable net products in the market.

  • Nassos, we are very happy that you are presenting and selling our Packnatur® Cellulose Tube Netting as well as our reusable Pick Pack bags in Greece. You are specialized in industrial food packaging with a focus on net packaging and a special segment for green packaging. When hearing “Greece” we immediately think of oranges and lemons. What kind of packaging are your customers asking for at the moment and what do they want to pack exactly?

“Indeed, oranges and lemons are dominant agricultural products in Greece, among others of course! Our dedicated customers have successfully used Packnatur® Cellulose Netting to pack both oranges and lemons and we look forward to receiving more requests for other fruits and vegetables as well!”

  • Do you already have feedback from your customers? What do they like about this innovation?

“Yes, we do. All our customers are very content with Packnatur® netting material’s properties and the way it behaves during the packing process. It also enables them to open up new export markets as more and more vendors are leaning towards sustainable solutions.”

  • How is the market for sustainable packaging in general currently developing in Greece? What role do consumers have and which goal does politics pursue?

“It is very encouraging to see that not only major companies, but also ordinary people in Greece are becoming more and more aware and active about sustainability. In the course of 2021, we have experienced in Hellagro a significant increase of customer interest in solutions related to this issue. In addition, the Greek state is also very supportive and a driver for a sustainable future, allowing for companies such as Hellagro to evolve and develop packaging solutions that are environmentally friendly and compatible with a circular economy framework. After all, Hellagro aspires to be a benchmark in the Greek market for sustainable packaging solutions in the next couple of years and VPZ with Packnatur® is a leading driver behind this!”

Photo: Hellagro