Sustainable packaging solutions made from beechwood

Sustainable packaging solutions made from beechwood


Austria based VPZ Verpackungszentrum has created a new type of packaging for fruit and vegetables.

The reusable Packnatur cellulose bags are made from FSC-certified beechwood and are tear-resistant and wet-proof.

Also using sustainable beechwood, VPZ has developed compostable tube netting for fruit and vegetables.

In search for labels to complement the bags and netting solutions, VPZ launched an independent development project.

The bags, nets and labels have been awarded with a range of design, technology and business awards, most recently with the World Star Packaging Award 2018 in three categories: Food Packaging, Sustainability Award in Silver and Presidential Award in Bronze. In addition, Helmut Meininger, the company´s founder, was awarded a Liftime Achievement award…