Tierra Tica

Tierra Tica

Costa Rica ticks green
This little Central American country has been a role model for ecological energy sourcing and eco-tourism. With the help of Tierra Tica, our local distribution partner, it is further developing the transition to sustainable packaging and a circular economy. Pablo Carter managed to bring our Packnatur® Cellulose Tube Netting to Costa Rica.

Tierra Tica packs agricultural products in our Packnatur® Cellulose Tube Netting and also distributes for other suppliers across the country. Limes, oranges, mandarins, apples, pears, onions and many other products are now available in our Cellulose Netting in AutoMercado, one of the prominent supermarket chains in the country and strongly committed to environmental action.

AutoMercado and Tierra Tica have taken the leap forward with sustainable packaging in Costa Rica. Their efforts plan to remove over 160,000 plastic packages per month whilst collaborating with local suppliers of fresh produce and further introducing it in all products where the netting is a functional substitute to plastic.

The effects of the plastic flood are often more noticeable in untouched nature, which is why it is essential to protect these eco-systems from slowly succumbing to litter. We are delighted to see how much effort is being put into protecting such a biodiverse region of the world.

  • Pablo, do you want to tell us the story of your company?

“Founded in 1998, Tierra Tica has partnered with local farmers to grow, process and distribute fresh produce to restaurants and supermarkets across Costa Rica. After many years of heavy plastic consumption for packaging, we came across Packnatur Cellulose Netting, which immediately seemed like the perfect home compostable alternative for a market that still lacks industrial composting infrastructure.”

  • What topics move people and economy in Costa Rica at the moment?

“We as Costa Ricans are all proud of what our country has done in order to combat climate change. Costa Rica has been on the forefront of sustainable development by sourcing nearly their entire energy requirements through renewable alternatives. However, it is evident that there is great room for improvement. Our consumption fueled economy has caused contamination of crucial natural habitats, which is why we want to do our part to reduce plastic dependency and alleviate contamination of our fragile ecosystems.”

  • How is our sustainable packaging received in the market?

“Sustainability is a top of mind priority for most Costa Ricans. As we continue our goal towards net zero emissions, sustainable packaging becomes an essential factor. We know that customers receive these changes with open arms. It’s a transition that provides the same functionality and convenience to the customer while providing great benefit to the environment.”

Photo: Tikagro