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Very british

Packing with environmental consciousness


Wholegood stands for entrepreneurial success offering selected quality in the organic fruits and vegetables sector. Most products are obtained from small independent growers in the UK and the EU. Starting more than one year ago, the entire range of organic fruits and vegetables is now packed in our PACKNATUR® nettings made from LENZING™ Modal beechwood cellulose in the form of tube nettings or grip protection nettings on wood pulp punnets. Wholegood was recently honoured with the Grocer GOLD Specialist Wholesaler of the Year Award 2019 for its commitment to sustainable growth and corporate social responsibility. 90% of Wholegood’s packaging is plastic-free, the company is energy self-sufficient, donates unsaleable goods and composts biological waste. We asked the founder, Carl Saxton, to give us a short feedback on our nettings.

What experience did you make with our netting after one year?

“The Netting has been great in ensuring our customers understand we are serious about removing plastic from our supply chain. It also adds value cosmetically.”

Did you get feedback from your customers?

“Yes – Lots of positive feed back from customers and relief that we were not using plastic.”

Does it support your marketing?

“Yes – Because sustainability is key for our brand and messaging the story of the net and the fact that we use it is within a lot of our marketing.”

You told us that you could increase your sales in the last months siginficantly. Does our packaging play a role in that?

“During the pandemic our sales increased significantly, I think the quality of our offer with the way it is packaged is key for returning customers. We have reached so many new customers over the past few months that in many instances it may have been the fist time that a customer had ever seen or understood that home compostable packaging like this existed. Of course once you have seen it it allows people to start asking why everybody isn’t using it, whether it creates loyalty or not the key is that people start to ask questions.”

Photos: Rosalind Atkinson